I have a passion for film and photography. Of the still and moving image. Of the visual story.

I am blessed to have been to over 100 countries, photographed the most endearing cultures, filmed the world's most dynamic companies, and interviewed its most interesting individuals.

If I've been there, then I've shot it. I travel, therefore I see.

I am organized. Yet I also have a creative eye. I think outside the box. And I always deliver to my clients.

I run a film production house called Shutter Republic. I work with the best talent out there. Mediocrity is not an option. I like to be surrounded by creative, fun and smart people who expect me to be as creative, fun and smart as I can be.

Whether you need a film and television producer to bring your vision to life, or simply want to see the world the way I do with my photographs, I will bring creativity, dedication and energy to your project. I am good at what I do because I enjoy what I do. Like I said, I will deliver the goods. I always do.

My passion is my career. Let me tell your story.

Francisco "Kit" Reyes

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